Valley Hospice

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Valley Hospice residence is owned and operated by Nova Scotia Health.  (NSH)

Contact: or 902-678-6555

The Valley Hospice is a welcoming place where compassionate care is provided when end-of-life is near. Care and support is provided to residents and their families around the clock.

The homelike features of the Hospice includes:

The Hospice is not a place for dying, but a place where you live your last days.  It is a place of both sadness and laughter, and of community where last days are met with support and compassion by a team of professional care providers and volunteers.  Find out more about Valley Hospice at NSH

Patients will be admitted to the Hospice in the last weeks and sometimes months of their lives when their care needs require more support than can be provided at home.  The Hospice helps families find middle ground between dying at home and being admitted to acute care hospital.

There is no fee for the services provided at the Hospice. Your Physician or Nurse Practitioner can make a referral on your behalf for assessment of eligibility.