1. 1993 Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) staff became concerned that families needed more support than can be provided at home for individuals diagnosed as having life limiting illnesses. Focus groups were held, a literature review was undertaken, and the Department of Sociology at Acadia University became involved.
  2. 1997 Dr. Jeanette Auger of the Department of Sociology at Acadia University visited twenty-five small (ten beds or less) hospices in the UK. Her research provided the initial impetus to explore the possibility of a hospice in the Annapolis Valley.
  3. Report Mind, Body and Soul: Exploring the Need for a Hospice in Kings County was completed, recommending that a feasibility study be undertaken.
  4. 1998 Hospice Feasibility Study (Cortland Consulting) was completed. VON established a Consultation Committee to identify the services/programs to be offered by the hospice.
  5. 2000 VON Kings Hospice Foundation was formed, which later became the Valley Hospice Foundation, to develop and implement a plan for establishing a hospice in the Annapolis Valley. Meetings took place with the Minister of Health, who formed a Working Group “with a mandate to prepare a definitive business plan related to the construction and operation of a ten-bed hospice.”
  6. 2001 Release of Completing the Continuum – a document providing a history and business plan for the hospice project.
  7. 2002 Administrative and financial structure of the proposed hospice and recommended a governance structure. The Foundation believed that operational funding needed to come from public fund however capital funds could be secured through donations from the community.
  8. 2003/05 Continued negotiations for operational funding with Department of Health in Nova Scotia
  9. 2005 The Valley Hospice Foundation and Annapolis Valley District Health Authority came together on a plan for a modern Hospice and Palliative Care Centre to be located attached to Valley Regional Hospital.
  10. 2007 A Memorandum of Agreement was signed confirming operational funding allowing the Foundation to move forward with a formal fundraising effort to fund the construction.
  11. 2008 A Capital Campaign, Our Community Our Health was launched in partnership with Valley Regional Hospital to raise $8 million ($4 million for Hospice & $4 million for Hospital redevelopment).
  12. 2010 Public launch of Our Community Our Health Campaign with $4 million of $8 million goal achieved.
  13. 2013/14 Campaign target of $8 million reached / Hospital projects completed/Hospice project is the final piece to be completed with the funds raised
  14. 2016 Hospice is formally announced/Hospice Advisory committee formed to plan the construction.
  15. 2016/17 Grant to Friends in Bereavement offers support groups to individuals in the Annapolis Valley.
  16. 2017/18 Foundation commits $50,000 to NSHA to establish a Hospice Palliative Care Volunteers Program and train volunteers to assist families in the community and in the hospice.
  17. 2018 October 26 official sod turning ceremony marked the start of construction of 10 bedroom residential hospice.