Why We Need You

Success for Hospice and Palliative Care has been described as providing a positive end of life experience for patients and families/loved ones.

Valley Hospice Foundation provides support for the care and comfort of individuals as they approach the end of life. This involves caring for the individual’s physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. It also involves providing support to those who love or care for the individual as they participate in this journey and as they deal with the loss of the individual.

A Case for Support for Music Therapy

  “Music is an art imbued with power to penetrate into the very depths of the soul.” Plato

Hospices where music therapy is being offered find that is it draws from the hospice resident’s culture, religious beliefs, and cherished memories to create an experience that is deeply personal and meaningful. Most people have had the experience of music resurfacing positive life memories and emotional experiences. Music therapy uses clinical and evidence-based musical interventions to use musical memories to help elevate mood, support life review and reduce anxiety.

Music therapy can provide hospice residents and/or their families with space to explore their emotions and prepare for the road ahead. These opportunities for self-reflection can lead to enhancing, rebuilding or healing relationships with family, friends, and loved ones. Music Therapy has also been found to reduce loneliness, affect one’s ability to relax, promote comfort,

Music therapists draw from an extensive array of music activities and interventions. The resident is assessed by the Music Therapist and the recommended activities become part of an interdisciplinary care plan. The music therapy may involve singing, musical reminiscence and life review, creating legacy compositions, guided imagery with music , using music to promote movement and communication or peace and relaxation.

The Board of Directors of Valley Hospice have determined that Music Therapy would be helpful in addressing many aspects of wellbeing in the hospice residents, families, caregivers, and persons who are bereaved. The funds raised in the 2022 HoliStay Raffle will be allocated to hire a part-time music therapist to work with the residents of Valley Hospice and their families and caregivers.

The Valley Hospice Foundation raises funds to support various non-medical programs and services which may include:

We believe that the spiritual, emotional and cultural aspects of care are best served in an environment that is home-like and comfortable. General Giving Funds could be used for landscaping, artwork, flowers, music, etc.