Exploring Work Opportunities for LPNs in Valley Hospice

Since opening its doors in 2020 Valley Hospice has welcomed Practical Nursing students from Nova Scotia Community College who wish to explore applying their skills and interests in palliative care. This is done in their second year of study through a 160-hour Preceptor Placement. Each student is assigned to an LPN who is part of the Valley Hospice care team. The NSCC student’s learning is supported by this experienced preceptor.

Students have shared that their experience at Valley Hospice gives them a broader insight into what happens in a hospice and palliative care in general. One student shared with her instructor that, “The Valley Hospice truly is the best facility I have seen so far in health care. The staff are like family, and everyone is so friendly. The building is more like a home and the staff aim to make it feel like a home for the patients.” She stated that she might not have considered working in palliative care but after her experience she know that “palliative care is my passion”.

Valley Hospice welcomes NSCC Practical Nursing students to explore their interest in working in palliative care. Their experience also results in them becoming ambassadors for Valley Hospice helping to raise awareness of the valuable and unique services it provide

Debbie Brown LPN (preceptor) & MacKenzie Brawn PN student on her last day at Valley Hospice